Very short stories: one-two-sentence-stories and Espresso Fiction


I picked up the book from my desk. On the first page it said “Don’t read”.

Mum walked in, but without her wig.

I pushed “pause” on the remote. Peter stopped moving.

Help wanted. Will be payed in love.

Espresso Fiction:

We enjoyed the sun while checking out the bare chests of young Greecs walking. by. I was the first who noticed the shotgun.

All around her were people hugging and kissing. She kept his picture tightly clenched in her hands and waited for him to step out of the train. He did not show.

My legion had marched for four hours and deserved a rest. I stopped at the foot of a tiny, grass-covered hill. The sun was friendly today. ‘Lieutenant, sir!’ my Corporal shouted suddenly. ‘This hill moves!’


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Writer, scientist, puzzled by mankind.
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