A man on a bridge

The man sat on a bridge. Behind him was his past. Before him was his future. In his hands the man held a photograph. It showed his parents and younger sibling. Day after day the man remembered the safety of his childhood, and he clung to it.

Halfway the bridge ended. Several times the man had stood on the edge and stared into the deep unknown. He saw his dreams come true, his life goals achieved, a circle of loyal friends, and his soul mate at his side. The man knew he should jump off the bridge, but he stared at the chain around his ankles and the photograph in his hand and felt he could not.

One day a girl appeared at the edge of the bridge. In her hands she held a music box. When she opened the lid it spread the most beautiful music the man had ever heard.

Slowly the man walked closer. The chain cut his ankles with every step. But the music summoned him. Once the man stood next to the girl, he could see everything he wanted. While he reached, he dropped the photograph. The man drew back, and then saw how the chain around his ankles had disappeared.

The man asked the girl to come with him. She nodded but now a chain had appeared around her ankles. She nodded again, and while the music box faintly played on, the man jumped.


About chb

Writer, scientist, puzzled by mankind.
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