Ushio (潮)

Water touched my feet slowly
And sand stuck between my toes
I waited for the moon to cry
She shivered on the wide, black sea
And I wondered how it all ended here

Life’d been colourful throughout
It took and gave like the sea
Some days I was lifted high
The deep was so cold and dark a place
Yet it seemed the brightest well for me

I hid my demons far in me
They were not for the world to see
I asked the Light, ‘Please guide me.’
And the Light led me to the sea
Upon which the sea asked for my life

The cold froze my skin as I went on
With every breath my end drew closer
A sadness engulfed me whole because
I do not regret a thing but why
oh why, did it all pass so fast?

Could I be carried over the horizon?
Could I wish to count the countless stars?

And within the dark I saw blue
and the stars waiting for me

People are here to wave me goodbye
Their scents linger
I will sing to you with the waves
I will sing to you with the waves


About chb

Writer, scientist, puzzled by mankind.
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